By now, many of the world’s students will have been back at school for a full week (and then some). Syllabuses will be handed out, textbooks will be purchased, and homework (sorry) likely has already been assigned. But for every student’s dreaded subject, there are one or two they absolutely love. Here, we’ve determined which of our National Geographic Family Journeys suit which type of student.

For the mathematician

To some students, fractions and algebra are as easy as pi. For kids who just can’t get enough arithmetic, the intricate mosaics of Morocco will certainly appeal. Many of the most beautiful mosaics in Morocco are created using a technique called zellige, which consists of tiles laid in intricate and precise geometric patterns that can continue infinitely. The patterns themselves are breathtaking, and the craftsmanship that goes into their construction — from the hand-carving of the tiles themselves to the creation of the mosaics — is no less impressive.

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For the biology buff

Few places on earth are as rich with incredible flora and fauna as Costa Rica — the Central American country is one of the most densely biodiverse places on the planet. Budding naturalists will love visiting the country’s rainforests and basking in the lush tropical greenery that houses thousands of animal species. Lucky travelers might even spot some of these wild forest inhabitants: from brightly coloured amphibians to capuchin monkeys to striking parrots, it’s a nature-lover’s paradise.

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For the aspiring athlete

Lovers of the great outdoors — and the athletic pursuits that can take place there — will love a trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton in Wyoming, U.S.A. Aspiring athletes can hike the park’s incredible landscapes, raft down the Snake River, and swim in the beautiful waters of Jackson Lake. Kids can also earn their Junior Ranger badge while partaking in these activities.

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For the thespian-in-training

You might not immediately think of Southeast Asia as a destination for lovers of theatre, but the water puppet shows of Hanoi, Vietnam, should not be missed by young fans of the stage. The centuries-old theatre tradition involves lacquered wood puppets that appear to “dance” on a stage that is flooded with water. It is a unique, entirely captivating form of theatre that is sure to inspire young lovers of the performance arts.

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For history lovers

There’s truly nowhere on Earth where fans of human and natural history won’t find some way to satisfy their desire to learn more about the planet’s past. South Africa holds a particularly strong draw for budding historians. At the Cradle of Humankind just outside Johannesburg, travellers can view some of the oldest human remains ever discovered and learn about the origins of our species. It doesn’t get much more historic than that.