2021/2022 will bring us a fresh new year full of endless opportunities. Travel is opening up more and more as COVID restrictions are being loosened around the globe. We know that it can be quite confusing to know which destinations are open, so we made a list of some of our favorite places that you can count on when considering a 2021 vacation. Now is the perfect time to book your dream getaway!


The picturesque islands that make up French Polynesia are open to international travel. Tahiti, the romantic honeymoon retreat, is best known for its white sands, turquoise waters, stunning sunsets, and lush jungles. Imagine wading in vibrant calm water in beach areas like La Plage de Maui. Lounge around in the sand or engage in exciting activities like a Va’a lesson or a tour through the Papenoo valley to take in jungle waterfalls.

Be sure to plan on island hopping as there are over 118 islands that makeup French Polynesia. Some of the most popular include Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora.   Currently, a negative COVID test result within three days of travel is required for entry, as well as another COVID test four days into the vacation.


The “Pearl of Africa” is now open! Uganda is a bucket list destination for anybody seeking an up-close experience with nature. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to hundreds of endangered Mountain Gorillas. Trekkers can enter the wildlife sanctuary and have a natural experience with the animals. Get your camera ready as you set off on this once in a lifetime encounter that can be found only in Uganda. Uganda is also home to extremely rare bird populations and an abundance of other African gems. Take advantage of this chance to embark on an African adventure in 2021! A negative COVID test is required to enter the country at this time.


Have you ever wanted to visit the fascinating Mayan ruins, the gorgeous white sand beaches, or the historic architecture of Mexico? There is no better time to visit Mexico than in 2021. Mexico has a little bit of everything to please every traveler. It is a vast country with countless adventure options. It is hard to go wrong but hopefully, we can give you some direction when planning your vacation.

Chichén Itzá, one of the seven wonders of the world, is an ancient Mayan city that is a must-see for every tourist. Cancun is a beach paradise with exciting nightlife and crystal clear water. The Yucatan Peninsula’s cenotes must be mentioned as their beauty seemingly takes you to another planet. Take time to visit local shops and embrace the rich Mexican culture and remember that nothing beats the authentic food. Plan your adventure today as there is always so much to explore in Mexico!

Costa Rica

This small country in Central America is packed with hidden gems and dazzling beauty. The ecotourism capital of the world is an adventure playground with many unique features. Costa Rica is rich in… well just about everything that has to do with nature. In one day, you can spend the morning in the mountains at the base of an active volcano and then finish the afternoon lounging by the ocean. Take time experiencing the rainforest with a zip tour or one of the many guided hikes available. Sea Turtles are abundant during the summer months. Be sure to find a way to get close to them. Tamarindo Beach, Arenal Volcano, Montevideo, and San Jose are just a few of our favorite spots! Nature, culture, and adventure combine in one exciting vacation for the whole family.


Brazil is always one of our favorite places to visit. Flights to Brazil are becoming more affordable every year and the international borders are open. The people embrace tourism, the food is exceptional, and the countless vacation hot spots make Brazil an intriguing pick for 2021. Iguacu Falls sits on the divide between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. These falls make Niagra look like a baby. The lush jungle islands between all of the many water features create a reality that is too pretty to believe.

Make sure you stop in Rio de Janeiro. The bustling city built around some of the most pristine beaches on the planet makes it a bucket list favorite. The many activities available and the local culture are the cherries on top of the natural beauty. For the city lover, make a stop in Sao Paulo. This vibrant city will find a place in your heart as you experience the food, nightlife, and real-life culture of the Brazilian people. The list goes on and on but we can’t talk about Brazil without mentioning the Amazon and the northeastern states with impeccable beaches like Maranhao, Ceara, and Pernambuco. Plan this trip today, with confidence in booking a vacation that won’t get canceled.


Our last recommended destination for 2021 takes us to the national parks of Southern Utah. The Mighty Five Utah parks are famous for the beauty, diversity, easy access, and proximity to one another. Canyonlands and Arches National Parks are red rock havens just outside of Moab, Utah. Picture yourself scaling the Slickrock up to Delicate Arch and later taking in the wide-open desert vistas on the Island in the Sky.

Capitol Reef National Park lies in the midst of jagged rock layers that provide intense hikes, hidden valleys, Indian art, and even a fruit orchard. Bryce Canyon National Park is small but packs quite the punch. Descend off of the dropoff into the hoodoo filled valley that feels like a trip to Mars. Zions National Park has it all with deep slot canyons, water features, tunnels, and the world-famous Angels Landing hike. This quick summary of the parks is just the tip of the iceberg. Take yourself to Utah in 2021/2022!