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The World’s Aquarium: Fun at Sea at Los Cabos, Baja Mexico


With a privileged location surrounded by crystal-clear waters, Los Cabos invites visitors to explore the diverse and colorful profusion of sea life that led Jacques Cousteau to famously name the Sea of Cortez “the world’s aquarium.” From whale watching, dolphin encounters, turtle rescues and sea lion escapades to snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and surfing, the waters surrounding Los Cabos set the scene for out-of-this-world experiences.

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Fun at Sea

In, on and around the sea, Los Cabos visitors experience the majesty of nature and the amazing creatures that call the ocean home. Many sea excursions start with an up close look at the iconic rugged rock formation known as El Arco as boats of all kinds depart the Marina of Cabo San Lucas and pass by the rugged rock formation where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Also known as Land’s End, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, El Arco is a popular tourist attraction in its own right and a must for selfies. Getting out there is easy—catamaran, sailboat and Zodiac tours are frequent—and once there, visitors can stop to lounge or explore, kayak or paddleboard, even dive or snorkel. Regardless of their end destination, visitors have a good chance of passing frolicking dolphins and sunning sea lions on the way.


Pelican Rock at Land’s End is just one of many popular sites for snorkeling in the Los Cabos area. Other top snorkeling spots include Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Bay, both on the Tourist Corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and Cabo Pulmo, a national marine park. Snorkelers and divers here enjoy not only the brightly colored fish weaving among the vibrant coral reefs but also local colonies of curious sea lions swimming nearby.


For those visiting in the winter, whale watching is an amazing bucket list activity. In November or December, humpback whales migrate south to Los Cabos where they stay—often calving during their visit—until about April. Tours are available morning, afternoon and even sunset, giving visitors the chance to get up close with these magnificent creatures at different times of the day. Humpbacks are often happy to show off for their human friends, jumping, splashing and sharing their complex songs of courtship.


While on the water, visitors might also catch sight of dolphins in the open sea. For those who prefer a guaranteed meeting, Dolphin Discovery offers family-friendly opportunities to interact with these intelligent mammals, including swimming with them.

For another activity that’s both fun for the family and a great lesson in nature’s cycles, visitors can help  baby sea turtles make their way into the sea. From August through December, sea turtles come to give birth on the beaches of Los Cabos; after they’re born, the tiny turtle babies try to make their way back to the sea. Visitors can watch—or even help—them go from their nesting grounds to the sea for the first time.

And for those who crave more adventure, Los Cabos is a great place to learn how to surf, with waters and waves appropriate for all levels. Beginners often head to Acapulquito in San Jose del Cabo for calm waves that are ideal for first-timers. Those with a little more experience can ramp up the excitement at Los Cerritos, near Todos Santos, where the waves come in faster with higher peaks. And the pros head to Monuments, near Cabo San Lucas, and Zippers, near San Jose del Cabo, for tricky breaks—both are also great spots for watching surfers.

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