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Dani Mulyana – SeaTrek Tour Leader: A Man with A Deeper Consciousness

SeaTrek Tour Leader, Dani Mulyana, is a walking good karma magnet as everything just seems to flow his way. Dani’s passions are helping others and protecting environment, and this passion has led him on an interesting path, starting with first aid training and volunteering with the Red Cross in Bandung in Java, before moving to Amed in Bali, where he trained to become a fully-qualified freediving instructor. A skill he has since brought to SeaTrek, teaching freediving to all interested guests on every cruise he leads.

Dani Mulyana - SeaTrek Tour Leader: A Man with A Deeper Consciousness

While in Amed, Dani discovered an organization called Trash Hero, a group who religiously clean the beaches of Amed every week and he got actively involved.

Dani embraced the role but took it a step further sharing the message with school kids. “It’s not about the clean-up, it’s about the education to have the big change in the end,” says Dani.

After two years in Amed, he moved to Denpasar in Bali and started his own chapter of Trash Hero in Renon, where he now leads a team of volunteers to pick up trash every Sunday at 7am. Dani is now in a core team within Bali and helped to coordinate 1,500 volunteers on World Clean Up Day late last year.

Dani Mulyana - SeaTrek Tour Leader: A Man with A Deeper Consciousness

Because of his association with Trash Hero, and combined with his skills in first aid and freediving, Dani was invited to join a team of filmmakers to create a short movie addressing the problems of ocean plastics. The result is a powerful and beautifully-shot short film called NOVO AMOR – BIRTHPLACE, that really pulls at the heart strings while at the same time delivering a strong no-nonsense message as shown in the video below.

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He was part of the rescue team and was involved in every aspect of the film, something he is justifiably proud of. Although he had only expected to be a volunteer, he was amazed when they insisted to pay him for his work. “Thank you, Universe,” he says of his good fortune to have been involved with something bigger than what he ever thought possible.

SeaTrek is proud to have Dani on board as together we bring positive change through education on the importance of keeping the oceans clean and healthy and through hands-on activities such as beach clean ups wherever we cruise through the beautiful seas and Islands of Indonesia.

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