It can be difficult feeling stuck indoors while being quarantined during this pandemic time. If you’re feeling isolated and need a change of scenery, what better way to do it then to go in the fresh air on a rejuvenating hike with a rewarding view at the end. The world has so many places for you to go see and places to feel alive. Hiking is the best kind of travel and is an activity that can still be met while keeping your six feet distance from others. Here are the top ten most scenic hikes you don’t want to miss.


This is by far one of the most well known hikes that hikers love to explore. This hike in Hawaii is surrounded by rich, earthy walls that are known as the “Na Pali Coast.” These mountains were made famous in the movie, “Jurassic Park.” Kalalau Trail is an extensive hike that can take 3-5 days to accomplish. After a few miles it does require you to have a permit. There are waterfalls that spot the trails that create the glittering rainbows and cool resting areas for breaks, snacks, and meal times. You will constantly be able to sandy beaches while hiking, which makes the rigorous hike well worth the beautiful sites along the way and at the final destination.


Banff National Park is considered the most beautiful places in all of Alberta Canada. Sunshine meadows is one of the many glorious hikes available in this park. It But Sunshine meadows is unique because it lives up to its name. Along the entire trail there are wildflowers blooming. The beauty of this trail is it’s not a hard hike at all. It’s marked well and easy to follow. When you reach the top you will see piercing blue lakes and spectacular vantage points of surrounding mountain ranges.



Most hikers know that backpacking in Sweden is a must. But the most popular hike is known as, Kingsleden, or also known as the “King’s Trail.” This trail received its name because it was a trail that passed through Sweden’s most exquisite views. It was the king of all trails. This transverse shows you Arctic landscape, big glaciers, open tundra and Sweden’s highest peak, Mount Kebnekaise. If you don’t want to do a strenuous hike, there are shorter hikes available. The entire trail is divided into four parts and has multiple entry points.


Japan has many ancient hiking trails located all over the country. But nothing beats the Basho Wayfarer trail. The trail name game from a man named Matsuo Basho. A famous trekker who traveled throughout Japan enjoying the simple beauties of life around him. He was the greatest master of Haiku and very well known in the Japanese culture. This hike can last up to six days and ends at the ancient temple of Yamadera. This hike goes through Ancient Dew Kaido path, most famous for its exquisite cherry and beech forests. It’s a great self-appreciation hike and for those who want to be culturally enriched of the ancient Japanese history.



This is actually the first official trail that was established in England. This hike is calculated at 268 miles and can take up to three weeks. It runs through Derbyshire Peak District to the Scottish borders. A lot of people come and meet friends along this adventurous journey. It is a perfect hike for those who enjoy camping and the countryside. Sights along Pennine add charm and interest to the trek. It goes through a series of famous locations such as: Kinder Scout, Malham Cove, Pen-y-ghent, Hardraw Force, Swaledale, High Force, Cauldron Snout, High Cup Nick, Cross Fell and so much more. There is so much to see and so much beauty that this trail covers.



If you don’t want to take a long stretched out hike, Tongariro Crossing is the perfect hike for you. It is known for being the top best day hike in all of New Zealand. Tongariro Crossing is located in the center of New Zealand’s North island. The trail ryan through active volcanic regions in the midst of Tongariro National Park which is home of the mountains of Rapehu. Tongariro has dramatic volcano scenery, offering epic vistas. You can even go see Mt Doom which is famous for the movie, “Lord of the Rings.” The great part is it doesn’t require permits and it’s free!



This is a round-trip trek to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the CaribBean coast. This does require an uphill climb that takes you to a high elevated area. There you will find some exquisite archaeology of plazas, temples, and sophisticated terrace system that was once a great city. You will climb stone steps until you reach the spectacular terraces with such sites that are worthwhile.


This is Indonesia’s second-highest volcano. This hike typically takes about 3-5 days where you will be hiking in humid jungle, swinging vines, and slowly hiking to higher altitude. Eventually the end leads you to a grand opening to an above-cloud vista and magical sparkling emerald lakes that sit in the caldera. This is a hike that is even more beautiful during sunrise if you’re willing to wake up earlier.



This is located on the rugged west coast of Victoria where you are able to see ocean views as you trek the scenic wonders. You will see things such as haystack rock formations, diverse wildlife sanctuaries, historic shipwreck sites, to brilliant and vibrant sunsets. This is by far one of the easier types of hikes where you can go at your own pace with ease.



This hike got its name because someone once noticed the elevation of the endpoint and said, “only angels could land there.” This is a unique view in comparison to most where you will reach the top and see the wide-open canyon desert rock and green trees. This is one of the most breathtaking spots in all of America and people come from all over the world to see the rare red rock locations. Ask me about 5-day, 7-day, or 9-day tour of Southern Utah and experience Angels Landing for yourself!

Why stay constantly indoors when you can enjoy the fresh air and the most heart-stopping views. Come join this company for your next adventure to see the many wonders of the world!

Post written by Aryn